Things to do in Zaragoza

We recommend closer to Zaragoza from three perspectives: culture, nature and leisure

San Gil Zaragoza


Zaragoza offers its visitors a rich historical and artistic heritage, fruit of its more than two thousand years of history. Iberians, Romans, Muslims, Jews and Christians have left a mark of their passage through the capital, making it worthy of the title of City of Four Cultures.

Monasterio de Piedra Zaragoza


The rivers and their natural landscapes make up the fundamental of the natural environment of the city of Zaragoza. The riverside sotos, more and more scarce, keep treasures to discover just ten minutes from the center of the city.

gastronomía Zaragoza


Zaragoza you can find a simple and nutritious cuisine, characterized by the use of its native fruits and vegetables and the good wines of the region. Enjoy our "tapeando" or in the restaurants of the city